Of cinch and set, an illustrated look at the Golden Oak Ranch, Iverson Movie ranch, Walker ranch and Sunshine Rancho in 1955 all used in the making of The Walt Disney's Adventures of Spin and Marty.

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The Four Ranches
Golden Oak Ranch
The Walker Ranch
The Iverson Movie Ranch
The Sunshine Rancho
Triple-R Set Locations
The Fifth Ranch

where and how
the story began.

- Part  Two -

Read The Scripts
Episode 13
Episode 19

Weather On The Set

First Year MMC Series

- Part  Three -

Life After The 3R

Early Acting Careers
David Stollery
Tim Considine
B.G. Norman
Sammy Ogg
George Ferrante

- Part  Four -

The Ragwing Barn
and a bit more ranch history

Evolution Of A Set
Creating the Triple-R Ranch

The Back Lot
at the Burbank Studios

Set Stills In Detail
1955, 1956, 1957



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the full Spin and Marty theme and a few facts about other songs on the series.

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"When yer a kid there's the whole world to happen."
'Ollie' in episode 13

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Thank's Walt

How popular is Spin And Marty?  Sixty-one years after it first aired a gentleman wrote to tell me he had just seen the series for the first time.  Surprising no less considering who he works for.  He said:
"I LOVE my Spin and Marty disks. I know I said that, [before] but I'm saying it again. Such a pleasant time. It inspired my wife to sign up my son for more (expensive) summer camps, where supposedly he'll get to care for a horse. Spin and Marty inspired us and him."

  On these pages you will find a history of the making of Walt Disney's Spin and Marty series.  A look at the Golden Oak Ranch and three other ranches used to film the series.
   Back-stories of some of the actors and the author of the original story.
 Answers to questions such as who owned the Golden Oak Ranch when Disney filmed the SPIN AND MARTY series there?, who else was filming at the ranch before, during, and after the series.  What set changes were made to the ranch for the series?, and what the three "R's" in Triple-R ranch stand for.

  Most people like to believe life was much simpler and easier in the 50's.  Well it wasn't!  It was different, very different to be sure, but it wasn't simple or by any stretch of the imagination any easier.
 Those of us who lived through the 50's remember the wars, the political upheavals and the various illnesses which plagued the world as well as the marvelous advances in science.  The dawn of the space age and the threat of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles raining down on us from Russia.
 Walt Disney's MICKEY MOUSE CLUB provided we younger kids with a welcome escape from all that and, with the beginning of the SPIN AND MARTY series, dreams of going to a summer camp like the TRIPLE-R RANCH.

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  It is with a heavy heart that I have learned of B.G. Norman's passing away in February of 2015 after a long illness.  Ambitious, B.G's character in the Adventures Of Spin And Marty, was a delight to watch on our TV screen.  His laid-back, lighthearted attitude and good humor made him exemplify the true nature of the Triple-R Ranch as a place of fun... no matter what they were doing.

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